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Protect your investment

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  • Eliminate the risk of unanticipated repair costs.
  • Maintain optimal table performance in terms of reliability and ease of use.
  • Ensure patient safety by keeping all safeguards functioning as designed.
  • Receive technical and clinical support from an industry leader.


Depend on the Biodex Service Plan

  • As the manufacturer, Biodex has direct access to all parts; your service is performed by the same trained professionals who built your equipment
  • Highest level of support at a very reasonable cost
  • Preferred Customer Response Time
  • Biodex will arrange pick-up and delivery of replacement parts


We designed and built your table
Our diverse line of Biodex Medical Imaging Tables are designed to provide you with the highest level of effectiveness and safety, while accommodating patient comfort. However, like any intricate piece of equipment it will not function flawlessly forever... wear and tear is inevitable in even the highest quality product. You put your trust in Biodex when you purchased the equipment, and the warranty was an integral part of your decision. You can count on Biodex again to help protect your investment for years to come. Insurance is a part of life and we strongly suggest that you do not leave yourself unprotected.

Take advantage of this opportunity to extend your product warranty by purchasing a Biodex Service Plan today.

Our best future customer is a satisfied current customer…
It is in our best interest to keep you happy while we keep your table functioning. After all, we want you to buy your next medical imaging product from us! 


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Products Covered


Part Number Product Description
058-710-SA Sound Pro Combination Table
058-720-SA Ultrasound - Ultra Pro
058-726-SA Econo Ultrasound
058-700-SA Echocardiography - Echo Pro
058-702-SA Vascular Ultrasound - Echo/Vasc Pro
058-732-SA Vascular Ultrasound - Vasc Pro
058-701-SA Econo Echocardiography
058-840-SA Surgical C-Arm - 840
058-846-SA Surgical C-Arm - 846
058-870-SA Pain Management C-Arm
058-800-SA Urology C-Arm
058-810-SA Brachytherapy C-Arm
058-820-SA 3D Imaging
058-830-SA Surgical C-Arm - 830
058-878-SA Surgical C-Arm - 878 WIDE

Travel Fees now covered with contract.
Complete coverage of all mechanical/electrical components.
Excludes Upholstery and Paint.
Offer applies to the United States only.

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