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Do I have a Biodex representative or dealer in my area?

Throughout the United States and around the world a Biodex Representative or Dealer is waiting to help you make an educated decision when ordering Biodex products. 

Does Biodex provide on-site field service?

Yes, we do. In fact, we have a national field service staff. Most of our repairs are performed by factory direct engineers who can respond to your call within 48 hours. For smaller products that can be shipped easily, we provide an in-house repair service. For larger products, difficult and costly to ship back, we provide on-site service. For information, call extension 2804. 

How can I order replacement parts for my equipment?

It's easy. If you know the part number for the part you need, call 631-924-9000:

Radiology Hardware: extension 2803
Rehabilitation Hardware: extension 2804

Or, e-mail [email protected]

Who can I speak with if I have a service question?

The Biodex Technical Support Group can answer equipment-related questions. Within this group there are specific areas to which you can address your call. Call 631-924-9000, followed by the appropriate extension below.

Radiology Software: ext. 2805
Radiology Hardware: ext. 2803
Radiology Clinical: ext. 2803
Rehabilitation Software: ext. 2805
Rehabilitation Hardware: ext. 2804
Rehabilitation Clinical: ext. 2253



Contact Us

[email protected]

[email protected]

Support Services
[email protected]

US: (800) 224-6339
Int.: +1-631-924-9000

Physical Medicine
Sales: (631) 924-9000
Dial 6 for Sales
Dial 2 for Service

Medical Imaging
Sales: (631) 924-9000
Dial 1 for Sales
Dial 2 for Service


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