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Orthopedic Specialists
Sue Kammerle, MPT

Bryn Mawr, PA

System 4 Testimonials“Biodex Multi-Joint System has been a great choice for us. We use it mostly for continuous passive motion (CPM) and isokinetics, and it has become the most used piece of equipment in our facility.

We treat 10 to 15 total knees a day using the system in the passive mode. We like to set up patients to receive 20 to 30 minutes of CPM per session before eventually stepping them up to isokinetics. The CPM mode is great because it leaves us the flexibility to treat other patients at the same time. We try to push total knee replacements 5 degrees per day based on tolerance. We generally start at 80% flexion and 80% extension, working gradually until achieving 100% ROM. At four weeks post-op, total knee patients can begin isokinetics.

We use a similar protocol for our ACL reconstruction patients, beginning with CPM exercise before progressing to concentric hamstrings and then isokinetics. Because everyone has a different push level, early sessions are based on tolerance for ROM. Patients who are not ACL hamstring autographs can begin concentric hamstrings immediately and work until reaching full ROM, which usually takes a couple of weeks. At ten weeks, we put ACL patients back on the Biodex for open-chain isokinetics.

I would highly recommend the Biodex Multi-Joint System to other facilities, especially those seeing a large number of total joint replacements.”


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