Nuclear Medicine Service Plans

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Investing in an Extended Warranty Program offers many benefits.

  • Saves you money on costly repairs and shipping charges.
  • Express parts and labor service while your system is under our warranty program.
  • Eliminates the hassles of getting authorization for repairs or replacement parts. Delays cost you time and money and inconvenience your staff and your patients.
  • Greater savings are available, with multiple years and multiple units agreement.

We offer this program as a means of providing you with the best in customer support and satisfaction. We have the confidence in our products to offer this program at a very low cost. As your equipment ages there are more reasons to extend the warranty. By selecting our Extended Warranty Program you ensure that your equipment will be serviced and supported by only Biodex Trained and Authorized personnel.

Our Extended Warranty Program can actually pay for itself. For instance, if you own a Thyroid Uptake System, a one time repair could easily exceed the price of an extended warranty. And this is for one occurrence; if additional repairs were required during the agreement period, they would be covered with virtually no cost to you.

Extended Warranty Application [1]We provide a warranty because you expect one, why compromise the operation and effectiveness of your equipment. When we asked "How are we doing ?" on our Service Satisfaction Survey we were rated at 9.6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Let us continue providing you with the best support in the industry. Insure your equipment is up and running like a new product. The choice is yours make a wise one.  Don't delay; extending your warranty is the smart choice. 

Products Covered

Click here to download the Nuclear Medicine Service Plans Brochure for details [2] Extended Warranty Offers [2]

Part Number Product Description
086-330-SA Dose Calibrator, Atomlab 500
086-332-SA Dose Calibrator, Atomlab 500 Plus
086-331-SA Dose Calibrator, Atomlab Wipe Counter

Excludes cables, printer and calibration
Replacement Protection
Offer applies to the United States only.

Part Number Product Description

Thyroid Uptake System, Atomlab 960
Excludes printer and well counter

• Covers probe
• On-site service
• Multi-year discounts available
30% discount on replacement parts not covered
  by service contract

Excludes printer, probe and well counter assembly
Loaner Protection, 30% on replacement parts not covered by Service Contract
Offer applies to the United States only.

Part Number Product Description
132-503-SA Pulmonex II, Double Trap System

Travel fees covered with contract
Excludes charcoal traps, xenon dispensers and trap monitor
48 HOUR Response Time
Priority Status for Service Contract Customers
Prices reflect annual rates.
Offer applies to the United States only.

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