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Workshops: Advanced System 4 User

Advanced System 4 User Workshops

Interested in a workshop?

Contact Natalie Thompson, PT, Educational Administrator and Applied Clinician, at [2] or 1-800-224-6339 ext. 2232 for more information.


About the Course

Learn how to use each mode of operation.

  • Learn how each mode is used in rehabilitation.
  • Learn how to set patients up in the correct biomechanical positions.
  • Understand how to use data to develop the best treatment plans.
  • Learn the best way to assess & treat patients.

For more information, contact Natalie Thompson at [2]
or 1-800-224-6339 ext. 2232.

Dynamometer Workshop
Biodex offers intermediate and advanced user workshops with focus on the System 3 and System 4. The material presented is intended to benefit physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, registered nurses, certified athletic trainers, medical assistants and cast techs. Topics presented include, although not limited to, advanced techniques for testing post-op ACL patients, hamstring injury prevention and treatment, and therapeutic exercise as a modality.



eLearning for System 3 or System 4
Biodex also offers eLearning courses [4] making it even more convenient to stay up-to-date.