Rod Source*

Rod Source
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Available individually or as a set.
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To calibrate well type scintillation crystals, Biodex offers a variety of Rod Sources to meet department needs. You can count on consistent accuracy. Rod Sources are calibrated as NIST traceable with an accuracy of ±5% at the 95% confidence level. 


  • Dimensions: 2.96" l x .47" dia (76 x 11.9 mm)
  • Nominal Total Activity: 0.1 µCi 

Models and Ordering

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

063-138 Rod Source, Ba-133 $380.00
063-139 Rod Source, Cs-137 380.00
063-137 Rod Source, Co-57 380.00
063-140 Rod Source, Ge-68 simulated F-18 400.00
063-100 Rod Source Set
Set includes: Ba-133, Cs-137, Co-57, Na-22, Mn-54, Co-60 and Cd-109

* A photocopy of your NRC or Agreement State License must accompany orders for radioactive sources and must
clearly indicate your authority to possess the source being ordered.

Not available for export.

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