Xenon Convenience Kits

Air-Cushioned Face Mask
Air-Cushioned Face Mask Kits with clear ultra-flex expandable tubing from 6" to 24".
Air-Cushioned Face Mask with Direct Dose Administration Adapter
The syringe luer locks tightly to the direct dose tube, away from the patient's face.
Air-Cushioned Face Mask w/Direct Dose Administration
The direct dose feature reduces patient anxiety because no needle is used.
Air-Cushioned Face Mask with Injection Port
Xenon is administered with a needle by injection port.
Mouthpiece and Direct Dose Administration Adapter
Direct dose feature conveniently luer locks without the use of a needle.
Face Mask with Luer-Lock Injection Port
The dual administration port feature allows administration with either luer lock or needled connections.