Pulmonex® II Xenon System

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Rafael Hernandez, B.S., (R) NMT, ARRT
Operation Supervisor/Nuclear Medicine-Molecular Imaging

Miami, FL

“Here at Baptist Hospital of Miami, FL, we have been using the Biodex Pulmonex Xenon System for several years. We are pleased with both its ease of use and reliability. When parts need replacement, we simply contact Biodex to get the right piece and have any of our technologists replace it. I would gladly recommend the Biodex System to any facility considering purchase of a ventilation system.”

Donald S. Evans RT(N), BA, MHA
Manager of Operations, Diagnostic Imaging

“I have managed nuclear medicine departments for approximately 20 years with various organizations. In that time, I've used a variety of ventilator systems with my favorite being the Biodex Pulmonex Xenon System we use here at Lancaster General Hospital. In addition to being comfortable for our patients to use, this system offers the flexibility necessary to perform procedures on a variety of patients. I find the Pulmonex easy to use and extremely reliable. We use ours about three times each day and take its performance for granted. The shielding and filtering of gasses is outstanding and the images produced are of the highest quality. Standing orders of supplies established through Biodex have even prevented our department from running out of necessary supply items. I would highly recommend the Pulmonex System to any department considering replacement of their current ventilation system or beginning to perform Xenon studies.”