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 QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters

Pro Tip: QA Programs for Uptake Probes and Well Counters

May 17, 2021
Annmarie Alessi, BS, NMTCB(CNMT), (RS), RT(N), FSNMMI-TS, Senior Manager, Product Sales, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Safety Officer, Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. (Now Part of Mirion Technologies)

Uptake probes and well counters are subject to various types of malfunctions that can lead to sudden or gradual changes in their performance characteristics. For example, electronic components and detectors can fail or experience a progressive deterioration of function leading to changes in detection efficiency, increased background, etc.

To ensure consistently accurate results quality assurance procedures should be employed on a regular basis for probe and well counter measurement systems. >>

V/Q Studies During COVID-19

Updated Safety Guidelines for V/Q Studies During COVID-19

April 21, 2021
Stephanie Viola, Manager, Content Strategy

In March 2020, SNMMI released a statement to address concerns about the inherent risk of COVID-19 spread to patients and staff related to the ventilation portion of ventilation perfusion (V/Q) scans. Understanding the importance of the complete V/Q study to accurate diagnoses, SNMMI updated that statement with recommendations for performing lung ventilation scans safely. >>