Gait Trainer™ 3

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Gait Training Reports

Reports track progress and document outcome. The Biodex Gait Trainer 3 quantifies time and distance measurements compared to age and gender-based normative data.
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Objective Documentation   Gait Trainer 3
Test Results
Document step length, step symmetry and step cycle time.  Reporting provides comparisons to age and gender based normative data.
  Progress Report – perfect for showing need, progress and outcome for specific gait parameters:
  • Average walking speed over time
  • Total distance and steps taken
  • Step length variablity: RT vs. LT
  • Total exercise time
  • Average step length: RT vs. LT
  • Time on each foot: RT vs. LT
Objective Documentation    
Plots right and left step lengths/symmetry.


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What They Are Saying
Stephen Minning, MPT

“We have had the Biodex Gait Trainer in our clinic for about nine months now and our results have been very positive.”


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