FreeStep SAS - Supported Ambulation System

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T. Drew Kimsey, DPT, Director of Rehab

Louisville, TN

“Life Care Center of Blount County, a brand new SNF facility in Louisville, TN recently purchased a great deal of new equipment in preparation to open our doors.  Education is a major factor that set vendors apart.  Biodex’s Dave Wilcox gave an excellent in-service for the FreeStep Supported Ambulation System, helping your company to stand out in this category. The presentation will be paramount in the utilization of this system in our facility. I recommended that our other start-up buildings utilize this presentation if they purchase the FreeStep system. Thank you!!” >>

Dr. Cheri Prince, Director of Rehab

Omaha, NE

“At Lifecare of Elkhorn, we have an inter-disciplinary program designed to meet the needs of folks that have Parkinson’s disease on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. As part of the program we utilize the Biodex FreeStep SAS. The FreeStep is a supported ambulation system, so it’s a harness system. It provides total assistance, so if you have someone lose their balance, they won’t fall. It allows the patient to feel like they can move very freely. They feel a lot safer in it than with the therapist holding on to them.” >>


Cherry Hill, NJ

“We've only had our Biodex FreeStep SAS for two months here at Specialized Physical Therapy inCherry Hill, NJ, but we already depend on it when working with patients that have balance or gait abnormalities who require close supervision and varying levels of assistance. In addition to adding necessary support, this device promotes increased confidence in patients who have a fear of falling. It also helps ensure the safety of our therapists - especially when they are working with patients who require maximum assistance or greater." >>


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