System 4 Software Update v4.63

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Biodex is often cited in news articles discussing industry trends, new technology and advancements.  There are also times when we find interesting news articles that we like to share with our customers. Outlined below are periodicals where Biodex has been mentioned, corporate press releases, and other relevant industry news. 

June 15, 2016, Shirley NY – Two debilitating injuries athletes may experience are concussion and hamstring strain. Both require careful assessment and specific rehabilitative processes and, if not treated correctly, either can end a career. With the Balance System™ SD, BioSway™ and System 4 Dynamometer, Biodex has developed technology, programs and protocols to help manage and treat these injuries and ultimately put players back on the field safely. Biodex will be showcasing these devices at the 2016 NATA Convention. >>


October 5, 2015, Shirley NY – Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. has developed a new software update for its System 3 and 4 Multi-Joint System to aid with hamstring injury risk management.

The update includes two test protocols with strong correlation to reducing hamstring injury and re-injury.  The Multiple Angle Comparison Test examines isometric bilateral flexion peak torque symmetry where the limb position puts the hamstring in a lengthened (stretched) state.  The Mixed H/Q Ratio Test uses a ratio of eccentric and concentric flexion peak torque. >>



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