Advantage BX™ Software Update v5.3.04

Advantage BX™ Software Update v5.3.04
System 4


NOTE: This update applies to users with Biodex™ Advantage BX software already installed.

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Advantage BX Features:

  • General fixes and stability improvements
  • Return-to-Play Reports for hamstrings and ACL
  • Lengthened State Multi-Angle Comparison and Mixed H/Q Ratio hamstring protocols
  • Linked Protocols
  • Curve Analysis
  • Save and switch between multiple databases
  • Closed Chain protocol support
  • Additional international support
  • Share test data and custom protocols between Dynamometers running Advantage BX
  • Export both single and multiple test data with comprehensive metrics and raw data
  • SQL database with easy access to patient data and reports
  • Fresh, modern interface with intuitive navigation
  • Quick start and repeat activity options
  • Ability to store and pin frequently used activities
  • Create custom protocols on the fly
  • Fast access to training mode
  • Integrated analog/EMG output signal scaling



FILE: BiodexAdvantage_Rev5x.bioupdate

    • Download the BiodexAdvantage_Rev5x.bioupdate file and copy it to the root of a flash drive (not in a folder).
    • Ensure the file is named exactly as shown. If numbers in parentheses have been added, rename to: BiodexAdvantage_Rev5x.bioupdate
    • Open the currently installed version of Advantage BX software on your system.
    • Insert the flash drive into one of the USB ports on the Biodex System 4 computer.
    • The running Advantage BX software will automatically detect the update.



We recommend downloading the file using Chrome/Firefox.
Internet Explorer Users: While downloading the file, it may download as “”. Please rename the file to “BiodexAdvantage_Rev5x.bioupdate”, and change "Save as type" to "All Files (*.*)" if prompted. Otherwise, the software will not be automatically detected by our application.


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