BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical

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BioStep 2 Screen
 In addition to the zero impact motion, another reason the New BioStep 2 feels “oh so good”
on the knees is due to evenly sustained hamstring contraction throughout the range of motion.
The hamstrings are important knee joint stabilizers.
 BioStep 2 Screen
 The BioStep 2 motion and articulating footplates provides significantly more Tibialis Anterior
activity throughout all of the range of motion. The Tibialis Anterior is the prime mover for the
Dorsiflexion needed to raise the foot during walking. An impaired Tibialis Anterior
contributes to foot drop.

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William L. Massey

“Thanks to the Biodex BioStep 2 I shot my age in golf today!”


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