BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical

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How to Attract Seniors with Wellness Exercise

Tips & Tactics

With the ever-changing face of the healthcare system and the shifting demographics of this nation, new resources that will help seniors stay healthy and manage chronic disease are more essential than ever.

Download our eBook “How to Attract Seniors with Wellness Exercise: Tips & Tactics” to learn how your wellness center can support older adults by addressing at least three key needs:

  • Overall health and disease prevention
  • How to recover initial capital investment
  • Accessibility to wellness services
  • Social engagement

Understand how you can accommodate the needs and challenges of older adults, and see substantial membership growth in the process.

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How to Attract Seniors with Wellness Exercise

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What They Are Saying
Lennox Physical Therapy Associates, P.A.
Linda J. Lennox

“The Biodex Elliptical is a machine for every body type. It allows aerobic exercising for minimally to severely involved patients.”


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