NxStep™ Unweighing System

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Biodex NxStep™ Unweighing System
The NxStep™ Unweighing System enables partial weight-bearing therapy in an open, accessible rehabilitation environment, helping patients regain their confidence, their strength and their stride.


BWSTT – Biodex Gait Trainer™ 3 + NxStep™ Unweighing System
Body Weight-Supported Treadmill Training (BWSTT) is a valuable form of therapy for neurorehabilitation. The NxStep Unweighing System provides partial body-weight support in an open, accessible rehabilitation environment. Combined with the Gait Trainer 3, BWSTT therapy allows every patient the opportunity to get an early start on rehabilitation.


Walking Again with NxStep™: Treating Stroke at Ledesma Sports Medicine
Featured on WTOC-TV’s, “Bounce Around Savannah”, Ledesma Sports Medicine Physical Therapist Donna McMahan describes how she and her clinic use the NxStep Unweighing System to treat people with movement and neurological disorders. Stroke patient Michelle Welcome has been using the NxStep since May and continues to improve.


Balance & Mobility Exercise for Parkinson’s disease
With more than 60,000 new Parkinson’s disease cases reported annually, Biodex offers a series of integrated Balance & Mobility devices that can help this growing, and underserved population. Intense exercise can help slow the progression of Parkinson’s symptoms.


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“The Biodex Unweighing System is an extremely versatile tool that sees a lot of use at our facility.”


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