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Unweighing System Suspension and Stabilization

Treadmill Training SystemTREADMILL TRAINING
"One example of neural plasticity is the improvement seen in locomotion of patients with stroke or spinal cord injury through partial body weight supported treadmill training. This rapidly developing form of therapy is based on two fundamental observations. First, that the spinal cord of all vertebrates, including man, contains neuronal circuitry that encoded the locomotor pattern, that can be activated by stimulation at supraspinal, suprasegmental, or segmental levels or even by intrathecal drug administration. The activation of locomotor circuitry does not therefore require moment-to-moment control of individual muscles by the brain.

The second observation was that repeated activation of the central pattern generating circuit by treadmill training could result in long lasting enhancement of locomotor output. In human trials, this resulted in improved locomotion months and even years after training was discontinued."

Excerpt from: The Role of Neural
Plasticity in Neurorehabilitation
Michael E. Selzer, MD, PhD.,
Associate Dean of Graduate Education
University of Pennsylvania Medical College,USA 

Return Patients to a Functional Gait

The Biodex Unweighing System allows functional gait patterns to be practiced. 

Unweighing System Suspension and Stabilization   Unweighing System Suspension and Stabilization
Vertical displacement is also a crucial component of functional gait mechanics. The Biodex dynamic suspension system allows up to 4" of vertical displacement, which enables the patient to respond to ground reaction forces.    Pelvic rotation is a crucial component of functional gait mechanics. As patients progress in therapy, the Biodex single-point suspension system allows functional pelvic rotation to occur. 
Unweighing System Suspension and Stabilization
Retention cords are provided to govern the degree of pelvic rotation when pelvic stabilization is necessary.   

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What They Are Saying
Kanawha Valley Physical Therapy Center
Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy Coordinator
Stephen Jeffrey

“We count on our Biodex Unweighing System as a vital component in our work with traumatic brain injury patients and cerebral palsy patients that have some weight-bearing skills.”


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