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New Jersey Body in BalanceNew Jersey clinic enhances patient rehab using music-assisted gait training
In 2005, physical therapist Eleanor “Ellie” Hagan and her husband Dan founded Body In Balance in  Linwood, NJ – one small room for treatment, and another for exercise. As a sole practitioner at the time, she selected the Biodex Mobility package – Balance System, Gait Trainer, Unweighing System and BioStep Semi-Recumbent Elliptical – to help her to efficiently rehab a wide range of patients.

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New BeginningsHigh Tech Rehab Equipment from Biodex and determination pays off for TBI and Stroke Survivors at New Beginnings Community Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation
When you walk into New Beginnings Community Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation in Medford, NY, the welcoming feeling and positive energy permeate the building. Allyson Scerri, Founder & President, and Kate DiMeglio, Vice President, opened the state-of-the-art outpatient facility in April 2011, as a result of a common bond.

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Body In Balance “Body In Balance” Clinic Blends Biodex Mobility Package with Stride-Stretching Techniques to Enhance Gait and Balance for Patients with Parkinson’s disease
Body in Balance Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, Linwood, NJ specializes in meeting the rehabilitation needs of area seniors. Physical therapist Eleanor (“Ellie”) Hagan founded the center in 2012 following more than a decade as a therapist and manager in outpatient and home PT services. Body in Balance serves patients of all ages with a broad range of neurologic and orthopedic conditions, although approximately 80% are geriatric.

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Body In Balance“Body In Balance” Clinic Keeps Cancer Survivor Mobile with Biodex Unweighing System & Gait Trainer Until Knee Surgery Possible
Sometimes, rehab can be therapeutic even when it just stabilizes a patient’s condition until a surgical cure can be tolerated – and for 82-year-old cancer survivor Liz, technology allows maintenance of conditioning impossible without it.

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Body In BalanceWhen the Neuropathy of Aging Diminishes Balance, “Body In Balance” Clinic Uses Biodex Unweighing System To Restore It
America faces the growing challenge of the severely aged who become increasingly immobile but nevertheless mentally high-functioning. For many, Ms. Hagan explains, they aspire just to maintain or regain the dignity of being able walk to the toilet, to be able to transfer into and sit in a shower – to be able to get into their own bed, and spend their final years at home, and not in a nursing home.

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St. Catherine'sSt. Catherine’s Rehabilitation Hospitals sites Biodex Devices among their most helpful tools
All across the world, hospitals and clinics, big and small, touch the lives of patients receiving physical therapy and occupational therapy in wonderful ways every minute of every day. Few, however, have such a wide reaching positive impact as the brace of St. Catherine's Rehabilitation go far beyond the traditional rehabilitation agenda, reaching out to thousands of patients yearly by offering cutting edge treatment and equipment, providing a tremendous student training program, and offering a credentialed post-graduate residency training for physical therapists in geriatrics (the first of its kind accredited by the APTA).

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Kanawha Valley Physical Therapy Center
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Stephen Jeffrey

“We count on our Biodex Unweighing System as a vital component in our work with traumatic brain injury patients and cerebral palsy patients that have some weight-bearing skills.”


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