System 4 Accessories

UE Hemiparetic Attachments
When incorporated into a rehabilitation program, the lightweight, carbon fiber attachments promote neuro recovery and improve strength, accommodating the impaired grasp associated with hemiplegia.
Hamstring Attachment
The knee uppers provide an additional 30° of range. When positioned the knee can reach 20° above horizontal.
Dual Position Back Extension/Flexion Attachment
To be used while testing or training in the semi-standing and lumbar isolated positions.
Closed Kinetic Chain Attachment
Linear motion attachment provides closed-chain exercise for early rehab of upper and lower extremities.
Work Simulation Tools
Developed for industrial medicine, these tools provide activity-specific assessment and rehabilitation capability.
Ankle Attachment
Provides stability during ankle and foot testing and rehabilitation.
Shoulder Input Tube
Enables quick access between shoulder rotation and scapular elevation exercises.
Hip Attachment
For hip abduction/adduction testing and exercise and extension/flexion.
Anti-Shear Attachment
Pads support front and back of lower leg to avoid posterior shear.
Pediatric Attachments
Upper and lower body attachments specially designed for the testing and treatment of pediatric patients.
Chair Wedge
Fills the gap created when the seat is flat during testing or exercise.
Wide Seat
Extra wide seat and back to accommodate larger patients.

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