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Clinical Case Studies


New Jersey Body in BalanceAnalysis of Gait in a Patient Affected by Parkinson’s Disease: Rehabilitative Implications at the University of Messina
The rehabilitative approach to gait disorders in PD is a field in continual growth, considering the large number of studies in progress. Although there are not yet universally shared and applicable guidelines in a strict sense, the use of different manner of cues, combined with traditional treatment, significantly improves the different parameters of Parkinson gait.




University of Foggia The Role of the Music-Enhanced Gait Trainer in Rehabilitative Treatment of Gait Deficit in a Patient with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
The objective of this dissertation is to evaluate the variations in the patient’s gait pattern affected by secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, using the Biodex Gait Trainer 3 treadmill with Music-Assisted Therapy (GT3 MAT). For the objective evaluation of the patient’s progress, internationally recognized clinical rating scales, temporal and spatial gait parameters using Gait Analysis, and stabilometry tests were administered.





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