New Music-Assisted Therapy
For the Biodex Gait Trainer 3

NEW Music-Assisted Therapy
NEW Music-Assisted Therapy
NEW Music-Assisted Therapy
Music compositions combined with gait training technology brings music-based therapy to the plan of care.
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The Science of Sound Driving Functional Movement

Because You Believe in Better Patient Outcomes…
Music-based therapy is well researched for its powerful effects in treatment of movement disorders. With the rate of Parkinson’s, stroke and cerebral palsy diagnoses on the rise, so is the need for better treatment options. We equipped the Biodex Gait Trainer 3 with informed compositions written and performed by music therapists to help more patients find their stride using the power of music.

This revolutionary music integration provides an effective tool for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and neurologists to enhance treatments and drive faster outcomes. The advanced technology built into the Gait Trainer 3 documents progress, proving the value of treatment.

Merge Music-Assisted Therapy with Technology

With our exclusive instrumented deck, realtime biofeedback and sophisticated analytics, the Gait Trainer 3 is the ideal platform for integrating music-assisted therapy. Using the Gait Trainer’s intuitive interface, belt speed can easily be adjusted to match the patient’s steps per minute (spm). Music tempo in beats per minute (bpm) can be managed to influence gait components. Biofeedback quantifiably displays step length, step speed (spm) and step symmetry to encourage patient progress.

Gait Trainer 3 with Music Therapy

Fit the music to the patient. Select the correct tempo (bpm) to accommodate patient’s step speed or steps per minute (spm).

While the repetition of gait training encourages lasting effects through neuroplasticity, informed music is composed to facilitate correct movement. The Gait Trainer includes compositions created by music therapists that can be adjusted to a range of bpm without degrading music quality – even accommodating lower bpm for late stages of Parkinson’s. Genre-preferred music can also be downloaded from the internet and tempo-adjusted (bpm) to an individual’s walking speed (spm).


Music-Assisted Therapy

Music Therapy and Rehab

White PaperHow Music Therapy Impacts Physical Rehabilitation

Exercise Summary
An Exercise Summary Report shows
need, progress and outcome of the therapy.
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Those affected by debilitating neuropathologies respond favorably to Rhythmic Auditory Cueing (RAC) and musical elements carefully chosen to enhance functional movement. Music is shown to jumpstart the brain’s neuroplasticity, reorganizing neural pathways to help patients regain motor function that had been lost to brain injury or disease.

Fitting the music to the patient synchronizes gait for entrainment. Walking can be aligned with rhythmic auditory cueing to improve temporal (velocity), special gait (stride length) and gait symmetry (left/right stride deviations). The qualitative component of what is done musically is quantified and documented by the system's computer. The pretest, comparison to normative data, and posttest results are presented objectively.


Harness the Power of Music for Movement Disorders

Music therapy can be used in rehabilitation and medical settings to improve functional movement, treating such conditions as:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Orthopedic Dysfunction


Clinical Application

Biodex provides a manual, rehabilitative performance plan, and other clinical application tools to help you understand which compositions are best suited to various clinical categories, for example:

Neurologic Diagnosis:
  • Extreme gait impairment
  • Moderate to severe gait impairment coupled with cognitive impairment
Orthopedic Diagnosis:
  • No cognitive impairment

The Music-Assisted Therapy Package offered for the Biodex Gait Trainer 3 is accessed via USB flash drive that activates the music player software. A library of therapist-informed compositions, as well as various metronome beats and tones are provided. For those clinics fortunate to collaborate with a music therapist, the Gait Trainer 3 also accommodates custom recordings.

Music Library

The Music-Assisted Therapy Package contains a library of recordings produced at historic and internationally renowned studios, known for high commitment to sound integrity and technological excellence. Locations include Premier Studios, New York City, NY, where industry artists such as Madonna have recorded, and Bismeaux Studio, Austin, TX, which has seen the likes of Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel, Willie Nelson, George Strait and many others.

Silvery Moon Medley© is a music therapy arrangement that has a clear, complementary playback structure for walking patterns. Available in tempo ranges from 90-140 bpm.

Music-Assisted Therapy PackageStreet Walking© is an original music therapy-informed composition provided at two different tempos between 60- and 140 bpm, each with a different arrangement, and geared toward specific movement needs. The composition provides a clear, complementary playback structure for walking patterns that are well below normal gait ranges.

Animals Everywhere© is an original music therapy-informed composition provided at five different tempos between 45- and 130 bpm, each with a different arrangement and geared toward initiation and continuation of gait at extremely impaired levels of steps per minute or beats per minute.

These songs are in 4/4 time signature, with distinct, consistent down beat, without the confusion of non-complementary instrumentation for gait training. Street Walking© and Animals Everywhere© were recorded in DXD format as is used in SACD, (Super Audio CD) for Full Analog Bandwidth.

Additional non-music therapy-informed compositions of various genres and tempos, as well as a wide range of metronome tempos and sounds are available in the Biodex Music Library.

Silvery Moon Medley© is an original arrangement from The Center for Music Therapy, Inc.
Street Walking© and Animals Everywhere© are original compositions from The Center for Music Therapy, Inc.


Models and Ordering

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

950-413 Music-Assisted Therapy Package
Compatible with Gait Trainer 3 featuring Windows OS.
Includes music library and sound bar with input for headphones and microphone.

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