Upper Body Cycle

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Biodex Upper Body Cycle
A versatile ergometer, the Biodex Upper Body Cycle (http://www.biodex.com/ubc) meets the demands of any orthopedic rehabilitation, cardiac, sports medicine, wellness, or general conditioning program.


Upper Body Exercise Makes a Difference
Previously, Helen’s physical weakness prevented her from participating. Six weeks after beginning ergometer exercise and she is practically jumping out of her seat, eager for the next activity.


Texting while Driving = Rehab on Biodex UBC
Texting while driving can have serious consequence. The teen driver in this video underwent 29 operations and physical therapy on the Biodex Upper Body Cycle. Glad we could help. Please share this to your teen drivers at home.





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What They Are Saying
Berkshire Institute of Orthopedics & Sports
Tab Blackburn, P.T., A.T.C.

“The Biodex Upper Body Cycle offers the ability to adjust both the height and length of the crank handles, making it applicable to just about ever patient.”


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