Upper Body Cycle

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Caroline S. Guenther
Fitness Supervisor, Disabled Student Recreation

Carbondale, IL

“The Biodex Upper Body Cycle has been a great success with the disabled student population at SIUC. Students with disabilites are enthusiastic about the smooth bidirectional excerise that the Biodex provides, as well as the ability to custom fit programs to their individual needs with the programmable display. Even our strongest paraplegic gets a great workout on the cycle.” 

Tab Blackburn, P.T., A.T.C.

Wyomissing, PA

“The Biodex Upper Body Cycle offers the ability to adjust both the height and length of the crank handles, making it applicable to just about ever patient. Shoulder patients with limited ROM, for example, can work below shoulder height.” 

Bob Scanlom
Director of Physical Therapy

Chatham, NJ

“We love to use our Biodex Upper Body Cycle. It's reliable, more versatile and easier to adjust than other cycles we've used. Being a spine clinic our Upper Body Cycle sees action in both constant power and isokinetic mode as part of most general rehab programs, for specific retraining applications, and with cervical spine patients who may have underlying shoulder weakness. About 70% of our patients use the UBC standing up, the other 30% use it sitting down. It's worth noting that the seating arrangements is quite comfortable. We're really happy with this device.” 

Joan Shine
Senior Physical Therapist

Medford, NY

“Because the Biodex Upper Body Cycle is wheelchair accessible it's available for a wide variety of patients. We love that the Upper Body Cycle actuator pivots up and down as this allows exercise from either a standing or seated position. Further, a standing patient can work below the waist and a seated patient above the head. Because both speed and power are programmable, the Upper Body Cycle is a wonderful tool for working with out neurologically impaired and spinal cord injured patients.” 

Sgt. Pope, P.T.A.

Patrick AFB, FL

“The Biodex Upper Body Cycle is simply a great invention – we love it! Our cycle is used primarily for strengthening and increasing ROM with status, post-op, and pre-operative patients. It is used at least 20 times each day and never falters. I've tried other cycles in the pst but none have been as versatile as the Upper Body Cycle. It's simple to program, runs smoothly, and can easily be adjusted to match the comfort needs of virtually any patient.”


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