The NEW medBike®

Designed for people with physical limitations, medBike® enables both upper and lower movement training in one compact device.


medBike – Active mode

Safe and effective motion training and cardiovascular exercise for people with physical limitations. Shown here in the active mode - relying on the user strength input.


medBike – Passive mode
Designed for people with physical limitations, medBike is ideal for independent use by individuals in their home, or in neurorehabilitation settings. medBike can be used comfortably from any chair or wheelchair.  To assure a comfortable and correct position, the optional Calf Supports provide safe guidance. Shown here in passive mode - motorized movement output.


Pedaling Past Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s patients improve motor function through cycling, giving patients around the world a reason to be optimistic.








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How the Andersons Found a Path to Home Exercise with medBike Therapy

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What They Are Saying
Melanie Brennan, DPT
“Our participants wait in line to use the medBike. They love to feel their legs move and achieve a strengthening workout that they are not capable of doing on a standard machine due to their challenges with mobility.”

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