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Thomas Gilliam, PhD - Founder, IPCS
Thomas Gilliam, PhD
Founder, IPCS

“Placing a worker into a physically demanding job that exceeds his/her physical capability will result in injury.”

Physical Capability Evaluation (PCE)

System 4 assists employers facing an aging and obese workforce

Some occupations demand physical strength. The challenges of an aging, increasingly obese and deconditioned workforce have many employers turning to objective isokinetic testing, known as Physical Capability Evaluation (PCE), to determine who has the strength that the position requires. In an attempt to protect employers, employees and others from the implications of injury, Industrial Physical Capability Services, Inc. (IPCS) uses the Biodex System 4 Isokinetic Dynamometer to measure and correlate the relationship between strength and risk.

Cleveland Clinic utilizes Biodex System 4 Dynamometer to ensure employee and patient safety
As part of its employee health program, the Cleveland Clinic includes a PCE™ test (strength testing) to evaluate if a candidate is capable of performing the essential duties of the job. Utilizing the technology created by IPCS™ (Industrial Physical Capability Services), Cleveland Clinic conducts isokinetic testing on the Biodex System 4 Dynamometer to determine the physical capability of the worker. In addition to safety benefits, Cleveland Clinic has experienced decreased workers’ compensation claims and medical costs.


Objective Isokinetic Worker-Strength Evaluation

Dynamometer Technology Helps Employers Meet Challenging Change in the Global Workforce 

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