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Now available for our U.S. customers

NEW Advantage BX™ Software

Next-Generation Software for the System 4

NEW Advantage BX Software now available Biodex Advantage BX software offers a streamlined, intuitive experience for the System 4 dynamometer so you can capture and document every stage of the rehabilitation process. Totally redesigned, the modern interface will provide users of the Biodex System 4 Dynamometer with more efficient functionality and intuitive navigation, while maintaining the testing and training accuracy they expect from their Biodex multi-joint system.

Simple. Logical. Intuitive.

NEW Advantage BX Software from BiodexClick on image for larger view

Setting up a Protocol Based Activity (Knee)
Setting up a Protocol Based Activity (Knee)
Performing a two speed isokinetic protocol based activity on the knee
Setting the Range of Motion (Knee)
Performing a two speed isokinetic protocol based activity on the knee
 Performing a two-speed isokinetic protocol based activity on the knee

Advantage BX flattens the learning curve by guiding you step by step through protocol based activities. Whether new to the Biodex System 4 or familiar with the previous interface, Advantage BX makes it simple to run any of the built-in, protocol based activities, or create custom activities.

Experienced Biodex users will notice the fresh new look – modern, clean and easy to read on the 22" touchscreen display included with new systems. On-screen graphics chart performance, helping to motivate patients, and encourage compliance with a rehab plan.

NEW Features:

  • Fresh, modern interface
  • Intuitive navigation
  • SQL database with easy access to patient data and reports
  • Quick Start and Repeat Activity options
  • Ability to store and pin frequently used activities
  • Create custom protocols on the fly
  • Fast access to training mode

Bring your multi-joint system software up to date.


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