Analog Signal Access Interface*

Analog Signal Access Interface*
Interface kit, EMG
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For use with Advantage v4.x Software. Functionality is integrated into Advantage BX™ Software.

Provides synchronized analog output of torque, position and velocity for use with Electromyography interface or raw signal acquisition. 



Models and Ordering

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

830-107 Interface Kit, EMG
For use with Advantage v4.x Software
For REV 2 systems shipped prior to 2/01/05. Kit Includes cable and software.
830-109 Interface Software
For use with Advantage v4.x Software
For REV 2 systems produced after 2/01/05 and System 4. These units have a pre-connected cable. 


* Consult with Biodex Service Department prior to ordering.

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