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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)


Patients who did not meet the discharge criteria before returning to professional sport had four times greater risk of sustaining an ACL graft rupture...”
  – Kyritsis, P. et al. British Journal of
Sports Medicine, 2016


There’s a reason for the recent resurgence of isokinetic strength testing after ACL reconstruction. Limb strength symmetry and balanced hamstring to quadriceps ratios are major components of return-to-play criteria shown to reduce reinjury in athletes after ACL-R.ACL Return-to-Play Criteria

Isokinetic strength testing: symmetry and hamstring/quadriceps ratios
Functional test symmetry
Agility testing
Psychological readiness

New reporting capabilities featured in Advantage BX Software for the Biodex System 4 Dynamometer make it even easier to communicate with patients, doctors, third party payers and employers.

With this report, Physicians can understand report at a glance with clear pass/fail results.
Physicians can understand report at a
glance with clear pass/fail results.

NEW Clearly Communicate Test Results

Grounded in the latest research and supported by a panel of field experts, Biodex introduces the first-ever Return-to-Play report. Results can be understood at a glance with clear pass/fail for isokinetic tests throughout the athlete’s recovery. This unique report gives patients and referring physicians the added confidence they are ready to return to play.

Biodex introduces the first-ever Return-to-Play report.
Limb Symmetry Index



Special thanks to our panel for Return-to-Play

  • John Cavanaugh PT, MEd, ATC, SCS
  • George J. Davies, DPT, MED, PT, SCS, ATC, LAT, CSCS, PES, CSMS, FAPTA
  • Timothy Heckmann, PT, ATC
  • Mark Paterno, PT, PhD
  • Bryan Riemann, PhD, ATC, FNATA
  • Milo Sini, ATC, PTA, CSCS
  • Tim Tyler MS, PT, ATC

 New Biodex Research Portal for ACL and RTP





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AAOS, Return to play checklist reduces re-injury for athletes following anterior cruciate ligament. Science Daily, March 6 2018





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