BioStep™ 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical

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Audrey Edwards
Wellness Director

Newton Centre, MA

“We have a very diverse population here at the JCC. We do a lot of training and programming for people with special needs, Parkinson’s, in addition to having an active boomer and active senior population. So, when we started thinking about adding pieces of equipment that would be adaptable and easy for this group to use, we looked at the BioStep and [competitive unit]. When we did a demo of both, we felt the BioStep was a much more natural range of motion and felt better on body and joints.” >>


Holmdel, NJ

BioStep 2™ helps resident recover and stay active
“I can’t overstate how vital the Biodex BioStep 2™ has been in my recovery,” says Mary Ellen Harris of Holmdel, NJ after having experienced a series of medical problems over the past couple of years. “For me, really, it has been absolutely indispensable; a true difference maker.”

Harris, the 69 year-old CEO of a pharmaceutical company, was scheduled for hip replacement surgery when she failed a pre-op heart test. Thus, she had to undergo a double-bypass operation before addressing her hip problems. She says that although she had a thorough understanding of the medical profession and the rigors of post-surgical rehabilitation and exercise - she had no idea how much she would grow to appreciate the BioStep advantage while recovering from each surgical procedure. >>


Albertville, AL

“Thanks to the Biodex BioStep 2 I shot my age in golf today!“
“I have the Biodex BioStep 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical—love it!!!  I use it 5 days every week, and the difference it has made has been nothing short of amazing. I had a left hip replacement two years ago, and today I shot my age in golf—76!!!! I credit the BioStep 2 for the conditioning, especially the added strength in arms and shoulders as well as my legs—truly outstanding equipment!!!” >>

Robert Madigan

Brookhaven, NY

“The range of motion for hip, knee and ankle joint helped with gait training, specifically the heel/toe gait and to increase hip and knee flexion. Patients that did not want to do traditional open-chain exercise, DID want to use the BioStep 2. They also exercised longer on the BioStep 2.” 


Westminster, MD

“I recently completed Cardiac Rehab at Lifebridge in Pikesville, MD. I found that the BioStep machine was the best machine for my needs among all the machines available.

In addition to having a stent put into the main artery in my heart in February, I suffer from diabetic neuropathy in my feet. Because of this, I am on many medications which have caused me to gain over 100 pounds in the five years since my diagnosis. It is very difficult for me to use a treadmill and I definitely can't use a bicycle where my feet are hanging. The only two machines I am able to use are a recumbent bike and the BioStep." >>

Sandy Kollar, RN
Director of Cardiovascular Services

Mount Vernon, OH

“We love our BioStep from Biodex! It offers a very smooth ride and is easy for patients to get on and off. Patients can warm up easily and then get a great work out on the BioStep. Our patients and staff find it a personal favorite, especially for those patients that have orthopedic issues. Thanks so much, Biodex, we look forward to purchasing more BioSteps in the future.” 

Linda J. Lennox

Freehold, NJ

“The Biodex Elliptical is a machine for every body type. It allows aerobic exercising for minimally to severely involved patients. If I could only choose one machine in my clinic, it would be this.” 

Laurie Thiede
Specialty Fitness Director

Sturgeon Bay, WI

“I work with both the elderly as well as people with special needs and limitations. The Biodex [BioStep] is one of the nicest machines for this population to work out on. Besides getting an aerobic workout, they can work on arm and leg strengthening without the stress on the joints. The ankle mobility is also a nice feature. Adaptable to many populations.” 

Marjorie Z.
80-year-old Patient

Sturgeon Bay, WI

“The seat is very comfortable. The bottom of my legs get a good workout. Overall it's a good workout for my arms and legs, without discomfort.” 

Mitch Carr, MS. Ed

Chicago, IL

“How do I like the BioStep? It's awesome. In fact, I can say that about every piece of Biodex equipment in our facility. The main focus for us is adaptability. We offer health fitness to people with disabilities. The BioStep's swing seat, elliptical motion and semi-recumbent position is an outstanding combination. Everyone can use it. We have steppers, treadmills and cycles, but only half our population can use them.” 


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