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Biodex presents “Why You Should Purchase a Gait Trainer 3”. The presentation details how biofeedback assists in motor learning, providing the best quality rehab in the shortest period of time. The Biodex Gait Trainer will help accelerate rehab, improve outcomes and reduce risk of readmission. Objective documentation improves and proves rehab effectiveness. Watch presentation to learn how the Biodex Gait Trainer 3 can help secure a competitive advantage, thereby increasing referrals.

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Gait Training with Music Gives PT Practice a Clinical and Competitive Advantage

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What They Are Saying
Dosher Memorial Hospital
Director of Physical Therapy
Eugene DesLaurier, MPT

“We find the Biodex Gait Trainer to be terrific for working with very deconditioned individuals including orthopedic, neurologic, older adult, stroke, spinal cord and head injury patients."


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