Balance System™ SD

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Sample Screens

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Training Modes: Interactive, Static and Dynamic

Postural Stability Training Mode   Maze Control Training Mode  
Postural Stability
Emphasize specific movement patterns or strategies by placing markers anywhere on the screen. Score reflects how many times a target is hit.
   Maze Control
This defined movement pattern encourages proprioception and motor control. Various skill levels challenge a wide variety of patients.
Weight Shift Training Mode   Random Control Training Mode  
Weight Shift
Patients are challenged to shift and control their center of gravity within two parallel lines, in the medial lateral, anterior posterior and transverse planes of movement.
   Random Control
Introduces a cognitive component to balance training. An undefined movement pattern where the patient is challenged to keep pace with a moving target. Ideal for motor control and vestibular training.
 Motor Control Training Mode    Percent Weight-Bearing Training Mode  
Motor Control
Challenges the user to move through a movement pattern consistent with one’s “sway envelope”, which is the area a person can move their center of gravity within their base of support.
  Percent Weight-Bearing
Provides realtime feedback on a patient’s foot, ankle, knee, hip, body side, and such. In this mode, targets can be set that encourage patients to focus on goals in anterior, posterior, medial, and lateral movements.

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