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Jason Pratt, Director of Rehab Services

Oswego, NY

“The first Biodex product we got was the BioSway. We all loved the machine. We got great feedback from people using it, and we ended up using it more and more. So we invested in a Balance System SD. After a few months I realized, I don’t even use my fitter board anymore. I don’t need it. I’ve got something better.

“When the opportunity came to open up another clinic, the Balance System SD was a priority for us. We were going to make it work for our budget. If we had to miss out on some other things, that’s fine because the device went over so well with people, and we used it so much. " >>

Matt Waffensmith, Executive Director

Golden Valley, MN

“At Legacy Rehabilitation Group, our therapists value most the versatility of the Biodex Balance System SD in our clinic. From neurological to orthopedics, a wide variety of conditions are able to be treated using the testing and tracking programs of our Balance System. Patients have responded well to the progression of programs and changing difficulty levels. Maintaining detailed records of progress supports our mission to help patients achieve their highest outcomes using research-backed treatments. The Balance System’s ability to immediately print outcomes keeps the patients focused on achieving therapy goals, while the visual, easy-to-use touch screen makes the treatments fun." >>

Meghan Klein, DPT and Director of Clinical Development

Waconia, MN

“We use the (Biodex) Balance System with a number of different types of patients. One of my favorite types is the stroke patient. It gives them immediate feedback on affected-side weight bearing. It is also very helpful in rehabilitating patients with Parkinson's disease, who have a tendency of falling backwards without sensing their risky stance. The Balance System can show them feedback that emphasizes that fall risk. But they also can use the machine to practice getting their weight forward on their toes, and being able to control their balance and their center of gravity in ways that they may have been too afraid to attempt prior to Balance System training." >>

Adam Brill, ATC, LAT
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center

Sheboygan, WI

“Aurora Sports Medicine Institute has been using the Biodex Balance System SD for balance assessment in our concussion management program since June 2011.   We already had the Biodex Balance System SD in our therapy unit for a couple of years being used primarily for physical therapy and rehabilitation.   It was like finding a hidden treasure, knowing that we had a balance assessment solution already in place and could now repurpose it for use in our concussion management program.   However, I never like to follow anything blindly.  It took us a good 3-4 months to fully research all components of our concussion program before we actually put anything into place. >>

Heather Robinson
Head Neuro PT


Case Study: Five Star Quality Care and their application of the Biodex Balance System SD
Five Star Quality Care Uses Balance System to Treat - and Attract - Broad Range of Neuro, Orthopedic & Fall-Prone Patients. >>


Uses Biodex Balance System Training Therapy for flagship Vertigo Balance Treatment

A proven leader in physical therapy since 1983, Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, Inc. is using the Biodex Balance System SD as their key component for evaluating and prescribing therapy for vertigo, imbalance, gait disorders, and vestibular loss. >>


Highly trained OT's and PT's use the Biodex Balance System SD to measure and improve patient performance -- seeing significant improvement in just six weeks. >>

Physical Therapist


Balance System SD with John Fornabaio
A Rensselaer County Physical Therapist is using the Biodex Balance System SD to help folks keep their balance. >>

Roosevelt Moore
Physical Therapist


Physical Therapist, Roosevelt Moore, talks about how the Biodex Balance System allows patients to see their own progress. >>


Florida Seniors Line Up to Test their Balance
Fall Risk Screening of seniors with the Biodex Balance System SD at a local health fair receives high marks. At a Community Health Extravaganza in Lake Mary, people line up to get their balance tested. In a matter of minutes they find out where they stand and whether they are considered at risk to fall. Physical therapy... >>

Lance Kelly MPT, ATC
Hughston Clinic, P.C.

Columbus, GA

“I have used the Biodex Balance System for two years with a wide variety of patients ranging from geriatrics to professional athletes. It is a great resource to have in the clinic when dealing with hip, knee, and ankle dysfunction patients, and is especially beneficial with the athletic population.

As a rule, athletes are very competitive and hate to be shown their functional deficits. The Biodex Balance System shows their proprioceptive weakness and challenges them to improve. The Balance System test mode provides a standard baseline to evaluate the athlete in a static or dynamic nature. The computer generates a print-out of the standard deviations of correctional mistakes and the percentage of time the athlete stays in a particular quadrant. It then compares this to normative balance data that Biodex has provided. This allows the objective measures of the athlete to be trained, and then easily reevaluated and assessed to quantify proprioceptive improvement. >>

Trevor Meyerowitz, PT

Boca Raton, FL

“I've had good success with my Biodex Balance System. I've been using it with patients that have Parkinson's Disease and balance has improved in 60% of the cases.

I put patients on the Balance System prior to using any other intervention (including therapeutic exercises, transfer training and gait training.) The patients perform both LOS and dynamic training during each session. Sessions are scheduled for the same time each visit to account for medication schedules. >>


Maryville, TN

“Do we like our Biodex Balance System? You bet. It's great! We put a wide variety of patients on our three systems each day. Every knee surgery, all our ACL reconstructions, post-op arthroscopics, total joint, total hip, total knee replacements, plus every ankle problem. The Biodex Balance System is a wonderful tool for working with any of these pathologies.

Our systems see constant use. We average about 75 patients per day on these units and so far our units have a perfect durability record. That's important because we really depend on them to be one of the cornerstones of rehab at our clinic. We believe that balance training - proprioceptive training - is a very important part of the rehab process. In the long run, it may prove as important as strength training. Some of our more active sports doctors are already using Biodex Balance Reports to help make return to play decisions. This is especially so with ankle inversion/eversion injuries.” >>

Gary Wilkerson, EdD, ATC

“...It's great to have a device that provides us with a way to train and objectively evaluate closed-chain function that requires simultaneous activation of muscles at the ankle, knee and hip.

We would not want to give up our Biodex Balance System. It is easy to use, extremely durable, and provides a challenging task that we consider essential for restoration of optimal lower extremity function. I would certainly recommend it to other clinicians.” >>

Clif Rizer, MSPT, ATC, CSCS

Boynton Beach, FL

“...Our patients love the system because they can see their progress and receive objective scores, which lets them know they are getting better or what they need to do to improve upon the last visit.

I would highly recommend the Balance System SD to other facilities - especially those working with elderly populations.” >>

PT, EMT Clinical Director

“The Biodex Balance System sees a lot of use in our clinic. Like most facilities, we use the Balance System with just about all of our lower extremity patients to enhance proprioception. We put almost everyone on it; ankle, knee, hip, even low back patients. In the course of a day we use the system with between 70 and 80 patients.

Each time we complete a test, we print the report with an overall deficiency rating and place it in the patient's chart. After ten weeks, we add a summary report. This way, when the patient returns to see the physician, they have a record of every test with every aspect listed: KT results, Biodex isokinetic tests, Biodex proprioceptive test.”

Rebecca Kendrick, OTRL, ATRIC
Director of Rehabilitation Services

“When we first began looking at computerized balance trainers, we knew we wanted something versatile and user-friendly because technology that is not practical and accessible often sits idle and unused. All it took was one on-site demonstration and we were hooked on the Biodex Balance System SD. In addition to offering a variety of assessment tools, it has multiple training modules to help our therapists customize each patient's treatment program. The touch screen system is logical and simple to use while the color printouts make it easy to chart patient progress.

We recently took our Balance System SD to a senior exposition and offered free Fall Risk Assessments with both a physical and occupational therapist. In a little over five hours we performed more than 100 assessments! Our booth was clearly the most visited and, while people were waiting in line for their turn on the balance platform, we had ample time to market our full line of rehabilitation services - a win-win situation!”

Lewis Bazakos, MS, DC

Valley Stream, NY

“We've found the Biodex Balance System to be very helpful for patients with low back pain or balance problems. We especially like to use this system for strengthening the core muscles of patients with herniated discs, sciatica, or mechanical sacral problems. For many of these patients, we place an exercise ball on the Balance System platform and instruct the patient to maintain balance while leaning on the ball in various positions. The results are significant, and our patients find the exercise to be a very positive experience. We would highly recommend the Biodex Balance System to other facilities working with similar patient populations.”


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