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Biodex is often cited in news articles discussing industry trends, new technology and advancements.  There are also times when we find interesting news articles that we like to share with our customers. Outlined below are periodicals where Biodex has been mentioned, corporate press releases, and other relevant industry news. 

February 16, 2016, Shirley, NY – Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the medBike® to the family of Balance and Mobility physical medicine devices. >>


February 2, 2016, Shirley, NY – Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. will be introducing three new products at this year’s annual APTA Combined Sections Meeting in Anaheim. Attendees are invited to learn more about the Sit2Stand™ Trainer, VibroTactile™ System and the medBike® at Biodex booth #525. >>


October 5, 2015, Shirley NY – Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. has developed a new software update for its System 3 and 4 Multi-Joint System to aid with hamstring injury risk management.

The update includes two test protocols with strong correlation to reducing hamstring injury and re-injury.  The Multiple Angle Comparison Test examines isometric bilateral flexion peak torque symmetry where the limb position puts the hamstring in a lengthened (stretched) state.  The Mixed H/Q Ratio Test uses a ratio of eccentric and concentric flexion peak torque. >>


September 30, 2015, Shirley NY – Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. is hosting a Concussion Workshop with emphasis on youth sports. Our guest speaker, David Bertone, PT, DPT, OCS will be presenting his Concussion in Youth Sports program focusing on the prevention, education and rehabilitation of athletes who have sustained a concussion. This material will benefit physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, athletic trainers, doctors, nurses and physician assistants with minimal to intermediate experience working with concussed athletes, and post-concussion rehabilitation. >>


August 26, 2015, Shirley NY – Biodex is proud to announce the release of its updated senior website.  The site, with a fresh new look, was developed as a resource for skilled nursing facilities caring for post-acute rehab patients as well as older adult residents.  Beyond product information, there is now a focus on specific applications such as fall risk screening and conditioning, post-acute and orthopedic, neurologic impairments and wellness, all important for the senior population. >>



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