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Weight Transfer Tops Reasons Why Seniors Fall

Weight Transfer Tops Reasons Why Seniors Fall

October 26, 2012
Lila Corwin, Vice President, Marketing Communications, Biodex

There was an interesting study on Falls in Seniors that was conducted over a 3 year period at 2 long-term care facilities in British Columbia.  The objective of this study was to get a better understanding as to the reasons why seniors fall.   Digital video cameras were installed in the common areas of the long-term care facilities. When a fall occurred, facility staff completed an incident report and the video footage was collected. A team reviewed each fall video with a validated questionnaire that probed the cause of imbalance and activity at the time of falling.   The researchers found that the most common reason older adults fall – at least in long-term care facilities – is the incorrect shifting of body weight.   For the full summary >>



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