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Getting the Elderly Back on Their Feet

Getting the Elderly Back on Their Feet

August 14, 2011
Karen Johnson, Marketing Promotions Manager, Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

There is a movement in Canada to get hospitals to invest in more physical therapy services for seniors. According to the Ottawa Citizen, "Frail seniors need to get back on their feet." The newspaper continues by quoting a recent Canadian Health Authority report, which oversees Eastern Ontario hospitals, citing the need to provide better programs to make them "senior friendly." The report seeks active participation by the region's 20 hospitals to counter ageism and promote more positive attitudes. "The recommendations are...for the first time, detailed on how hospitals in this region fail to treat elderly patients properly, leaving them to become so weak physically and mentally, that the only apparent solution is to send them to nursing homes. If they were treated properly, many of them would go home," according to the article. >>

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