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Alyssa Hellebusch

Covington, LA

"I thought the seminar was fabulous! I learned so much, and in talking with others, got the same was good to see alternative set-ups for various extremities. I was also interested in the research outcomes for the use of the Biodex."

Laura Banks

Baton Rouge, LA

“I really enjoyed the course. As someone who is not too familiar with the Biodex (System) it was nice to build a network with long time users to use as a resource. It was also nice to see how the Biodex is used as a research tool with lots of normative data. That will definitely help in making my diagnoses. Overall, I had a great time and learned a lot.”

Ildiko Nyikos, M.A.

Birmingham, AL

“The workshop was very well organized; it met and exceeded my expectations. I feel more confident using your system. I work in research for a non-profit organization, where we work with Paralympic athletes as well as people with physical disabilities. Even though our situation is unique - we don't do rehabilitation - I came back with lots of ideas of how we can expand our services to our members." >>


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