Balance & Mobility

Balance & Mobility


Biodex Balance & Mobility will set your facility apart, making it attractive for Accountable Care Organizations, referring hospitals, doctors, residents, their families and the community.

Biodex Balance & Mobility can position your facility as the leader in gait, mobility, balance, and fall risk screening and conditioning. In the face of today’s “Episode of Care” challenges, Biodex can equip your facility to treat complex patients, rehab them in a shorter period of time, maximize staff and provide safe discharge. Objective documentation with G-code calculations and modifier codes satisfies Medicare’s requirement for documenting the clinical need for therapy.


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New technology for Ministry Good Samaritan therapists improves balance assessments

Falls are one of the greatest causes of serious health problems among older adults and therapists at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center have a new tool to help patients with balance issues. >>


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