• Complies with current regulatory standards
  • Automatic subtraction of background activity
  • Calculates and reports individual wipe data on multiple wipe locations in user-defined areas

Designed for use with an optional well counter, this program was designed to comply with current government regulations for counting and reporting results of wipes taken in contamination surveys. The program automatically calculates net contamination levels after subtracting measured background activity, and reports results in units of dpm or µCi. Lower limit of detection (LLD) is automatically determined during the background count. Specific wipe test areas may be identified, and may be designated as "restricted", "unrestricted", or "sealed source". Up to six isotopes of interest may be specified for each wipe area. Each designated "area" may include up to ten separate wipe locations (or items) for testing and documenting in that area's report. The system stores multiple isotope efficiencies. 


See a Full Size Report (332k PDF)

 Atomlab 930 Wipe report results

See a Full Size Report (336k PDF)

Atomlab 930 Wipe report efficiency



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