Rectangular Featherlite™ Cobalt-57 Flood Source
Improve quality control with superior camera calibration
Rod Source
To calibrate well type scintillation crystals. Available individually or as a set.
Spot Marker Sources
Spot Marker Sources are used for the purpose of orientation while performing a camera study.
Fillable Point Marker Source
Marker sources are easily filled with the same radionuclide to be used in imaging procedures.
Check Source
Instrument functionality is easily assessed with a Cs-137 Check Source.
Liver Marker/Ruler
The Liver/Marker Ruler is designed to mark, outline and measure the liver while performing routine studies.
Pen Point Marker Sources
The Pen Point Marker Source contains Co-57 at the end of a 5.0" aluminum rod.
RadLite™ Cobalt-57 Flood Sources
Cobalt-57 flood sources are used to test the response uniformity of gamma cameras.
Dose Calibrator Vial Reference Sources
Calibration of your dose calibrator is easily achieved and maintained by the use of long-lived reference sources.
Dose Calibrator Syringe Reference Sources
These sources are used for the daily calibration of your dose calibrator to ensure accurate and reproducible instrument response.

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