Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator

Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator
Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator
Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator
Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator
Atomlab™ 500Plus…comprehensive, easy-to-use and feature rich.
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One solution for all your molecular imaging needs.

The Atomlab 500Plus combines the industry gold standard Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator and Wipe Test Counter, offering you a complete and cost-effective solution for all of your molecular imaging needs. The intuitive Atomlab 500Plus provides fast, accurate radionuclide activity measurements with performance that complies with the most stringent regulatory requirements. It’s comprehensive, easy-to-use and feature rich. The software mirrors the way you think and work. It guides when necessary, but does not burden the advanced user. The touchscreen and easy-to follow on-screen prompts mean you won’t need “cheat sheets.”

When required, you can be confident that every operation is captured and documented. That documentation makes compliance a breeze. The Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator software is upgradable. You can easily install updates via the Biodex website or by using a convenient USB device.

Atomlab™ 500
Dose Calibrator
 Atomlab™ Wipe
Test Counter
ATomlab™ 500Plus
Atomlab 500Plus
The Atomlab™ 500Plus is a combination of the Atomlab™ 500 Dose Calibrator and the Atomlab™ Wipe Test Counter...together in a single unit it's an efficient and cost-effective radioactivity measurement system.




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Features Include:

  • A “zero background” feature allows users to configure system background count time for 30, 60 or 100 seconds. This feature changes the counting time when selecting the “zero background” button in all functions, including the Moly Assay application.
  • Isotope libraries in both the dose calibrator and wipe test counter include Lu-177 and
    Ra-223 isotopes. Libraries include updated dial values, isotope ROIs and efficiency settings.
  • Half-Life Verification App included in the nuclear pharmacy menu. Simply select the isotope, choose two or three readings for the calculation, and set the time between readings. The results show the calculated half-life and the variance to the real half-life for the selected isotope.

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The Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator and Wipe Test Counter have brought it all together - science, technology and application.

  • Windows® 10 Operating System
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • Communicates with most commercially available NM management systems via Ethernet or Serial Port
  • Preprogrammed for 98 most commonly used radionuclides; any 12 can be conveniently touch selected
  • Automatic range selection; up to 100 Curies of Tc-99m or 25 Curies of F-18
  • Remote shielded ionization chamber
  • Ultra-fast response
  • Displays in Curies or Becquerels
  • 64 Channel MCA
  • Manual MCA Program
  • Expandable library of 33 commonly used isotopes
  • Remote shielded well
  • Adjustable wide window and individual isotopes
  • Energy spectrums with individual ROI
  • Ability to help identify isotopes causing contamination
  • 2 x 2 NaI drilled-well detector
  • User-specific wipe locations and trigger levels
  • Wipes that exceed trigger levels are immediately recognized
  • Detailed wipe reports including cpm and dpm
  • Wipe testing results stored
  • Intuitive software with extensive functionality
  • USB connectivity for external monitor, printer, and software upgrades
  • Report and label printers available
  • Easy-to-use, touchscreen display with intuitive menus
  • Small footprint economizes workspace
  • Two-year warranty




Standard Apps for Atomlab 500Plus include:

  • Automated Quality Assurance Apps
    - Constancy and Expanded Constancy
    - Linearity and Auto Linearity
    - Accuracy
    - Geometry
    - Full Width at Half Max (FWHM)
    - Chi Square
    - Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA)
    - Manual MCA Program
  • Nuclear Pharmacy Apps
    - Future dose and volume computation
    - Half-Life Verification
    - Moly Assay


A single "Smart Display" controls both Dose Calibrator and Wipe applications.

  • All-In-One Flat Panel Touchscreen Display with Windows 10 Operating System and USB connectivity

Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator

  • Auxiliary Ports: USB, RS-232 and Ethernet
  • Isotope Selection Keys: Twelve pre-programmed –
    Tc-99m, Tl-201, I-123, I-131, Cs-137, Co-57, Xe-133, Ga-67, In-111, F-18,
    Y-90s, Ba-133, 25 user-defined isotopes and a full alphabetical list of 98 isotopes.
  • Activity Range: 0.01 µCi to 100 Ci (.0004 MBq to 3700 GBq) of Tc-99m or 25 Ci of F-18
  • Energy Range: 25 keV to 3 MeV photons
  • Response Time: One to two seconds for doses greater than 200 µCi; three seconds for doses greater than 20 µCi; 50-100 seconds below 20 µCi of Tc-99m with default threshold; threshold adjustable to reduce counting time
  • Electrometer Linearity: ± 1% or 0.2 µCi, whichever is greater, up to 40 curies of Tc-99m, ± 1.5% up to 100 curies of Tc-99m
  • Electrometer Accuracy: ± 1% or 0.2 µCi, whichever is greater
  • Overall Accuracy: ± 3% or 0.3 µCi, whichever is greater; overall accuracy is affected by such factors as the accuracy of the specific source calibration, geometric variations due to sample volume or configuration, detector linearity, electrometer accuracy and readout accuracy
  • Repeatability: ± 0.3% above 1 mCi short term (24 hr); 1% long term (one yr)


  • Unit: Well-type pressurized ionization chamber, with Argon fill gas
  • Dimensions: 6" dia x 15.5" h (15.24 x 39.37 cm)
  • Well I.D.: 2.75" dia x 10.5" h (7 x 26.7 cm)
  • Well I.D. with Liner: 2.5" dia x 10.25" h (6.35 x 26 cm)
  • Shielding: .25" (6.3 mm) lead on all sides except top well opening; supplementary shielding available
  • Linearity: ± 1% or 0.2 µCi, whichever is greater
  • Weight: 35 lb (16 kg)

  • Power Requirements: 100 to 240 VAC, 0.38 – 0.15 amps, auto switching
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor

Well Counter

  • Dimensions: 6" dia x 11" h (15.24 x 27.9 cm)
  • Weight: 29 lb (13.2 kg)
  • Detector: 2" x 2" NaI (Tl) integral line scintillation detector with a 0.75" dia x 1.44 " depth well (1.9 x 3.7 cm)
  • Style: Remote Detector
  • Channels: 64
  • MCA: Integral to Well Counter
  • Spectral Resolution: FWHM 10%
  • Count Rate: (Maximum) 30,000 cps
  • Lead Shielding: 0.5" (1.2 cm) integral lead shield


  • Certifications: ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005 + A1:2012, C1:2009 and A2:2010. CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1:2014. IEC 60601-1-2:2014. IEC 60601-1:2005 (Third Edition) + CORR. 1:2006 + CORR. 2:2007 + A1:2012  (or IEC 60601-1: 2012 reprint). EN60601-1:2006 + AC:2010 and A1:2013.
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor

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Models and Ordering

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

086-332 Dose Calibrator, Atomlab™ 500Plus, 100-240 VAC
Includes: Smart Display, ionization chamber, well counter, RS-232 port, vial/syringe dipper and well insert.
086-336 Chamber, Dose Calibrator  6,500.00
075-594 Chamber, Wipe Test 3,775.00
086-338 Shielding Rings, Interlocking, 2.25" lead
For additional protection from high energy activity
086-509 Lineator 775.00
086-435 Moly Shield, Syringe, .3" lead 450.00
086-243 Copper Dipper, Vial/Syringe 350.00
086-423 Moly Shield, Vial, .3" lead 170.00
086-348 Adapter, USB 3.0 to Ethernet LAN Network
For connection to nuclear medicine management system
086-349 Cable, Mini-DIN to RS232 DB9 Adapter
For connection to nuclear medicine management system
086-341 Printer, Label, Dymo
Includes one roll 086-343 labels; two rolls 086-344 labels
086-339 Printer, Ink Jet (Report) 265.00
086-334 Cable, European to Wall Outlet 15.00
063-139 Rod Source, Cs-137, Calibrated, 0.1 µCi 380.00
075-596 Lead Shield, Wipe Test Chamber 700.00
006-350 Wipe Test Kits, 500/pkg 95.00
086-342 Well Liners, Disposable, 100/pkg 40.00


086-242 Vial/Syringe Dipper $110.00
086-241 Well Insert 175.00
086-343 Label, Blank, Lg, 300/roll
For Dymo Printer, 086-341
086-344 Labels, "Radioactive", Sm, 260/roll
For Dymo Printer, 086-341

Atomlab Dose Calibrators utilize low-pressure chambers and are shipped air or ground as standard goods.

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