Atomlab™ 500 Dose Calibrator

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“I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the field testing of your Atomlab Dose Calibrators.

Our experience with your product has been very good.  Its display is easily read and easy to navigate and it is very light allowing us to mount it on the wall behind the counter in the Hot Lab.  Not only did this free up counter space, it made the device more accessible.  The software is well designed as well, so that the most used functions (e.g. isotope selection) require the least keystrokes."  >>

Brett Whittacre
Vice President

Las Vegas, NV

Brett Whittacre, Vice President of ec2 Software Solutions, a leading provider of nuclear medicine management systems, discusses some of the important objectives of a busy pharmacy and how the Atomlab Dose Calibrator helps hospitals and labs meet their goals. >>

Ana Maria Collins, BS, RTN

New York, NY

“We are extremely pleased with our new Atomlab 500Plus. The system includes the Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator plus a well counter, making it a cost effective and precise choice to cover our radioactivity measurement needs. We have also coupled our dose calibrator to tour nuclear medicine software package, allowing data to be transferred automatically from the Atomlab 500Plus to our hot lab computer - which saves time and eliminates possible data entry errors. That's vitally important when you consider we process roughly two-dozen doses of Tc-99m or TL-201 per day." >>

Michael Zimmer, PhD
Professor of Radiology
Radiation Safety Officer

Chicago, IL

“I like the Atomlab 500Plus. It combines the Biodex Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator with the Atomlab Wipe Test Counter making for a complete hot lab management system. I've found it to be versatile, accurate and dependable - and having so many features integrated into a single system is really convenient.

“Mostly, I count on the Atomlab 500Plus for its dose calibration functions, but I also use it for future dose calculation, radiopharmaceutical quality control, wipe counting and chromatography assessments. The system is fast, precise and totally reliable, which is exactly what I need to keep everything moving smoothly under a challenging workload with no room for error.: >>

Mary L. Ciervo, BS, CNMT, RT(N)
Director of Nuclear Medicine

East Setauket, NY

“We are a very busy nuclear cardiology office, so our new dose calibrator and wipe test counter play a vital role in the efficiency and accuracy of our work flow. The Atomlab 500Plus has a touch screen which makes assaying of doses very easy. We recently updated our hot lab and this dose calibrator brings our lab into the future with its sleek-looking ionization chamber having the microprocessor-controlled electrometer built into the base. We remain on the cutting edge of technology with the Atomlab Wipe Test Counter. Wipe tests are performed accurately and much more efficiently than with our old wipe test counter. This system is also connected to a printer and all the wipe location data can be printed in an easy to read wipe test report.” 


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