Moisture Absorber with new blue and white blend
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Drierite serves as a moisture trap for the air going into the charcoal trap of the Pulmonex® Xenon System. Drie­rite is blue and white when dry and turns pink when it has absorbed maximum moisture. Available in two convenient sizes, Drie­rite is packaged in an air-tight container with a wide-access mouth.


Models and Ordering

To order, call 1-800-224-6339

139-101 Drierite, 1 lb Denotes Single Use Only $13.25
139-104 Drierite, 4.5 lb Denotes Single Use Only 58.00
132-772 Drierite, Disposable Cartridge Denotes Single Use Only 3.65

Denotes Single Use Only Denotes Single Use Only

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