Venti-Scan™ IV Radioaerosol Administration System

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Mark R. Blake, RT(N), CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Department

Richmond Heights, OH

"I've used the Venti-Scan IV Radioaerosol Delivery System for the last four years and I've been very pleased with the results. When used with the I.V. pole mount, this system makes performing lung scans quite easy.

The Venti-Scan IV delivers excellent aerosol images of the lungs. It produces images with outstanding count rates, which tends to make the aerosol image go very fast. This is good for us as technologists - and good for patients as well because it means they spend less time breathing and less time on the camera. The images for most patients have very negligible hot spots and that helps with physician interpretations. When imaging is complete, the kits are easy to dispose. There is no struggle to remove them from the shield, and being small, they take up little space in decay storage." >>

Barbara J. Newman, RT(R)(M), CNMT
Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Plano, TX

“We have been using the Biodex Venti-Scan IV Radioaerosol System in our facility since January 2005. We find the system is very compact, fits securely to an ordinary I.V. pole and is easy to load and dispose. The small size makes for easy decay and storage. Best of all, our patients do very well with this unit and the scans come out very nice. Thanks, Biodex, for a great product that makes routine patient exams much better!"

Saswati Roy
Chief Technologist

Milwaukee, WI

“I love the Biodex Venti-Scan IV Radioaerosol System. It is very safe to use for both the technologist and the patient. I especially like that the system is fully enclosed by lead shielding. It is user friendly and works well with our patients. I highly recommend it.”


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