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Atomlab™ Wipe Test Counter FAQs

What are some of the features of the Atomlab Wipe Test Counter?

The Atomlab Wipe Test Counter features a large touch screen with intuitive software. The unit is designed for it to sit on a counter-top or it can be mounted on a wall for space savings.

Can you describe some of the features of the Well Counter?

The system consists of a 2-inch by 2-inch sodium iodide drilled well crystal integral line detector. The detector is housed in a lead shield with a ½ inch of lead shielding that can be placed onto the well. The well has a 64 channel multichannel analyzer built into the base of the well detector.

What about high voltage calibration?

When the system is first installed and once every 30 days thereafter, the user is prompted to do a high voltage calibration. It may also be performed if the system fails a daily test. The high voltage calibration ensures that there is a correct relationship between the electronics of the system, the energy of the isotope and the 64 channels in the detector.

What about daily calibration?

The Wipe Test Counter is designed to use a 10µCi Cs-137 rod source to perform the daily automatic calibration function. The calibration test adjusts the fine grain of the multichannel analyzer. The test calculates the ratio of counts in each of the channels to determine if the instrument is properly calibrated with minimal energy deviation.

How do you detect the actual rate of decay?

The efficiency of an isotope is the ratio of detected counts measured by the system to the actual rate of decay for a specific nuclide in a region of interest. This feature matches the detector to the isotope and stores the efficiency.

What is the energy range of the Wipe Test Counter?

The Wipe Test Counter has a full spectrum energy range of 0 to 800 keV, which covers the typical isotopes used in nuclear medicine. The system uses channel 64 to accumulate any counts over 800 keV, allowing the user to determine if there is a high energy contaminate.

Why is wide window spectrum analysis necessary?

A wide window spectrum analysis is a great aid in identifying contamination of an unknown isotope.

Can I add custom isotope editing?

While the system is delivered with factory installed isotopes, the user is also able to add custom isotopes to the list as well.

What is the turnaround time on the wipe testing function?

Wipe testing is an important part of nuclear medicine radiation safety program. The system can be set to count a wipe for 30 to 1200 seconds. The user has the option to set the displayed results as cpm, dpm, µCi or kBq.

Can the counter be set to different trigger levels?

Yes, each wipe can be set to different trigger levels associated with the allowable level of contamination. If the wipe counter has exceeded the trigger level set for the wide window or any individual isotopes in the location, the system flashes the results in red. Results can be stored in memory and printed at any time.

How many locations can be stored?

The Atomlab Wipe Test Counter can store up to 50 wipe locations. The user can create a list of locations they want to wipe which will get stored in the memory of the display unit. Each location can be customized to include checking for specific isotopes and type of wipe—restricted or unrestricted area, sealed source or package. Up to 12 individual isotopes can be entered into each location.

Can the unit store user names?

The system allows the user to store a list of up to 20 technologists, physicists or staff members into the memory of the unit. The name of the technologist performing the wipe test or QA procedure is recorded on all the displayed and printed reports.

Is the manufacturer ISO certified?

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. has been providing innovative products and service for more than 60 years. We manufacture our products in our state-of-the-art, 120,000 sq ft facility following strict quality control guidelines. Biodex is certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003.


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