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Dose Calibrator Linearity Testing

June 24, 2016
Ann Marie Alessi, BS, CNMT, NCT, RT(N), FSNMMI-TS, Product Sales Manager, Nuclear Medicine, Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

Linearity testing assesses the ability of the dose calibrator to indicate the correct activity over the range of use of the calibrator.  This test is usually performed using a vial or syringe of Tc-99m whose activity is at least as large as the maximum activity normally measured in a prepared radiopharmaceutical kit, in a unit dosage syringe given to a patient, or in a radiopharmaceutical therapy, whichever is largest. For users of Mo-99/Tc-99m generators this activity may be the total eluate from a fresh generator. Other isotopes can be used to perform linearity such as F-18. >>



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