Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Neurology

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Behrman, AL, et al. (2000)
  Locomotor Training After Human Spinal Cord Injury:  A Series Of Case Studies

Physical Therapy, 80(7):688-700
Biodex #91-174

Patten, C, et al. (2003)
  Reliability And Responsiveness Of Elbow Trajectory Tracking In Chronic Poststroke Hemiparesis 

J of Rehab R & D, 40(6):487-500
Biodex #92-268   

Rouleard, S, et al. 
  Isokinetics And Reeducation Of The Walking Habits Of Hemiplegics 

Biodex #93-288   

Schmit, BD, et al.   (2000)
  Stretch Reflex Adaptation In Elbow Flexors During Repeated Passive Movements In Unilateral Brain-Injured Patients

Arch Phys Med Rehab, Vol. 81:269-278
Biodex #91-182   










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