Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Female Athletes

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Barber-Westin, S, et al. (2006)
  Jump-Land Characteristics And Muscle Strength Development In Young Athletes

American J of Sports Medicine, 34(3):375-384
Biodex #93-109 

Hewett, TE, et al.  (1999)
  The Effect Of Neuromuscular Training On The Incidence Of Knee Injury In Female Athletes

American J of Sports Medicine, 27(6):699-706
Biodex #93-291   

Paterno, MV, et al.  (2004)
  Neuromuscular Training Improves Single-Limb Stability In Young Female Athletes

JOSPT, 34(6):305-316
Biodex #92-245   

Pettersson, U, et al. (2000)
  Bone Mass In Female Cross-Country Skiers:  Relationship Between Muscle Strength And Different BMD Sites

Calcif Tissue Int, 67:199-206
Biodex #92-213   

Pettersson, U, et al.  (2000)
  Effect Of High Impact Activity On Bone Mass And Size In Adolescent Females:  A Comparative Study Between Two Different Types Of Sports

Calcif Tissue Int, 67:207-214
Biodex #92-214  

Söderman, K, et al. (2000)
  Bone Mass And Muscle Strength In Young Female Soccer Players

Reference Listing Only:  Calcified Tissue Int, 67:297-303
For repirnt & fee information, please contact website:  

Teprovich, JM, et al. (2001)
  Functional Playing Position Does Not Effect Quadriceps And Hamstring Average Torque And Muscle Group Ratios In Division I Female Field Hockey And Lacrosse Players

J of Athletic Training, 36(2) (suppl):S36
Biodex #92-224   

Villanueva, RJ, et al. (2001)
  Effects Of A Twelve-Week Strength Development Program And Oral Contraceptives On NCAA Division I Female Athletes

J of Athletic Training, 36(2) (suppl):S57, April-June 2001
Biodex #92-225   

Wojtys, M, et al. (2003)
  Gender Differences In Muscular Protection Of The Knee In Torsion In Size-Matched Athletes

J of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc., 85-A(5):782-789
Biodex #93-177   








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