Biodex Multi-Joint Systems Bibliography: Extremity Studies (Misc.)

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Clarke, R, et al. (1997)
  Effect Of A 6-Week Slideboard Training Program On Quadriceps And Hamstrings Peak Torque, Vertical Jump, And Agility

J of Athletic Training, Vol. 32(2):S-20
Biodex #93-269

D'arco, P, et al. (1998)
  Clinical, Funcitonal, And Radiographic Assessments Of The Conventional And Modified Boyd-Anerson Surgical Procedures For Repair Of Distal Biceps Tendon Ruptures 

The American J of Sports Medicine, Vol. 26(2):254-61
Biodex #93-281   

Grabiner, M, et al. 
  Contribution Of Passive Elastic Elements To Isokinetic Work

Dept of Musculoskeletal Research, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH 44106
Biodex #93-199   

Hoogenboom, BJ, et al. 
  Strength And Neuromuscular Characteristics Of Female And Male High School Basketball Players

Biodex #93-278   

Lee,  DH, et al.  (2015)
   Effect Of Time After Amterior Cruciate Ligament Tears On Proprioception And Postural Stability

PLOS ONE, DOI:10,1371/journal.pone.0139038
Biodex #93-144   

Noyes, FR, et al.  (1991)
  Evaluation-Based Protocols:  A New Approach To Rehabilitation

Orthopedics, Vol. 14(12):1383-1385
Biodex #93-273   

Rubley, MD, et al. (2001)
  Reliability And Correlation Of Maximal Isotonic (1RM), Isokinetic, And Isometric Strength Measures Of The Triceps

J of Athletic Training, Vol. 36(2) (suppl):S103
Biodex #92-223  

Riemann, BL, et al.  (2016) 
  Intersession Reliability Of Upper Extremity Isokinetic Push-Pull Testing

Int J of Sports Phys Therapy, Vol II(I):85-93
Biodex #93-327   

Taylor, N, et al. 
  Muscle Mechanics

Dept of Human Movement & Recreations Studies, Univ of Western Australia / Nedlands, WA 6009, Australia
Biodex #93-198 

Worrell, T, et al.  (1994)
  Effect Of Hamstring Stretching On Hamstring Muscle Performance 

JOSPT, 20(3):154-159
Biodex #93-209 












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