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Ambrosios, FM, et al. (1994) 
  A Preliminary Comparison Of Isokinetic Data Among Back-Injured Surgical And Non-Surgical Patients, And The Effect Of A Functional Restoration Program On Their Ability To Return To Work

IES, 4(1):34-40
Biodex #92-274 

Ambrosios, FM, et al.  (1995)
  Outcome Comparison Of Worker's Compensation And Non-Compensation Low Back Pain In A Highly Structured Functional Restoration Program

JOSPT, 21(1):7-12
Biodex #93-230   

Bianco, AJ, et al. (1994)
  Isometric Lift-Task Testing:  Effectiveness As A Pre-Employment Screening Method

Dept of P.T., Univ of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA;  Physical Therapy, 74(5) (Suppl)
Biodex #93-185  

Conner, S, et al.  (1992)
  Typical Isokinetic Trunk Values As Measured By The Biodex 

JOSPT, 15(1):46-47 (Abstract)
Biodex #93-163   

Gomez, TT (1994)
  Symmetry Of Lumbar Rotation And Lateral Flexion Range Of Motion And Isometric Strength In Subjects With And Without Low Back Pain

JOSPT, 19(1):42-48
Biodex #93-229  

Grabiner, M, et al.  (1990)
  Isokinetic Measurements Of Trunk Extension And Flexion Performance Collected With The Biodex Clinical Data Station

JOSPT, 11(12):590-598
Biodex #92-263  

Grabiner, M  
  Isokinetic Trunk Performance Variability

Techical report submitted to Biodex
Biodex #93-178

Grabiner, M
  On The Implementation Of Peak Torque And Total Mechanical Work As Indicators Of Sagittal Plane Trunk Function Using The Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer

Technical report submitted to Biodex
Biodex #93-162  

Grabiner, M
  The Low Back:  Maximizing The Value Of Data Collection

Biodex #93-219 

Liu, W (2002)
  Intra And Inter-Tester Reliability For Trunk Torsional Strength Using Biodex Multi-Joint System With A Torso Rotation Attachment

Dept of PT and Rehabilitation Sciences; The Univ of Kansas Med Ctr, Kansas City
Biodex #92-243   

McLean, KP, et al. (1992)
  Typical Isokinetic Trunk Values As Measured By The Biodex 

JOSPT, 15(1)
Biodex #93-179

McLean, KP, et al.  (1992)
  Reliability Of Biodex Isokinetic Trunk Values

JOSPT, 15(1):46 (Abstract)
Biodex #93-195  

Nix, JE, et al. (1989)
  Low Back Pain:  Ruptured Lumbar Disk With Internal Disk Disruption

Biodex #93-218   

Rowinski, MJ, et al. (1994)
  Relation Of Trunk Extension Torque To Lift Performance In Young Adults

Biodex #91-192   




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