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Introducing the Biodex

March 1, 2011, 5:00am

Biodex BalanceBiodex BalanceBiodex BalanceThanks to the generosity of the Seabury Auxiliary and the Seabury Charitable Foundation, Seabury remains on the cutting edge of balance assessment technology and programming.

The Biodex Balance machine can assess and treat balance concerns. Through a series of tests, this technology helps the fitness specialists and rehab therapists to determine if someone is at risk for falls. The machine recognizes which of the three body systems responsible for balance control is contributing to the patient's balance issues. The three body systems are: vestibular, visual and somatosensory. Once the specialist/therapist can objectively determine what the contributing factors are to the impaired balance, they can use the Biodex Balance machine to translate this into an effective training program. There are even several levels of training modules within the Biodex machine that can be applied to improve one's balance and stability. 

Especially nice about the Biodex is that not only is it effective, it is also very engaging and fun because the program is interactive. At the close of each session progress reports can be printed out so that the participant can track and trend specific progress from each session. 

The Seabury Fitness & Wellness and Rehabilitation Staff have already begun using this machine as part of the annual screenings and assessments, and have found it to be very effective in diagnosing/treating balance problems. 


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